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Good Bye and Happy Landing
Thank you to all my customers over the years. Thank you to those who think Spaceships should look m...
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Website Closing
AdAstra Spaceport must close soon due to Technical problems and lack of capital to solve them. All p...
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Greetings! Earthlings and Space Travelers!

As you enter the main gate of Ad Astra Spaceport the first buildings you encounter are the import and export Trade Zones. You are not permitted entrance to the export shipping docks without clearance from Port Authority.

However, you are allowed into the import Trade Zone where there are many exotic items for sale. NOTICE: This Trade Zone area is dedicated to providing you with knowledge and appreciation for our dreams of spaceflight. You may find strange items available here. But,   "Be careful what you wish for…"

The stores in the Trade Zone that are presently open are:

Blast-Off Book Store: Here you’ll find Articles, reference books, and guides about the adventure of Space Flight and the Golden Age of Spaceships.

Ad Astra Art Gallery: Here you’ll find the most precise artistic recreations of classic Spaceships on the Planet.

Spaceship Design Drawings: Are you really interested in spaceships? Here are the facts and accurate detailed design drawings for modeling or proud display as art.
Additional Stores may open in the future with other articles for sale. Watch the News and Events column for announcements.

SHOPPERS NOTE: All our Stores honor the following credit cards.
For other shopping information about Privacy, Shipping & Handling, and Warranty please see the FAQs listed at the PORT AUTHORITY

"From fantasy to reality, our dreams lead us forward." 
(JC Rogers, 1998)