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Starship Vittoria Design Drawing
Docking Bay # 54 is where this spaceship’s story and details are kept.

This Design drawing of Vittoria (Stine 1954) is from G. Harry Stine’s original novel Starship Through Space and is the result of weeks of research involving the analysis of the text of the original story, and the author’s original design drawings.

This archeological effort has resulted in the finest, most accurate and detailed drawing of this pioneering spaceship that has ever been achieved. It is a definitively accurate data drawing of the original spaceship. It is a work of both engineering and Art. It is suitable for use in modeling, or as framing as a fine art rendering of the original spaceship.

First published in “The Spaceship Handbook” this standalone version of that drawing is different in the following ways.

This drawing has been printed on glossy coated, heavy photographic stock to allow for either rough handling or framing and display in your art gallery. The inks used are of archive quality, good for decades if not exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period [all inks fade under that condition]. The accuracy of this printing can be guaranteed to be within + 0.5% of its stated scale. That is, it is better than 99.95% accurate on all dimensions shown. This is provided so that any details not directly dimensioned may be measured right from the drawing.

With this drawing you can actually recreate the Vittoria as it was seen and described in Starship Through Space. It is now available as a numbered series for a limited time.

Don’t miss out! Order yours today!

Starship Vittoria, 3 page Design Drawing printed on heavy 8 ½ by 11 photographic stock.