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Docking Bay 09

 Round the Moon ship

The next logical step in a plan to explore space was to take tentative steps, such as taking a trip around the moon to reconnoiter areas for possible landing places.
Shown in low Moon Orbit is the first ship designed to explore the Moon.
    This early von Braun design would do just that. It appeared in the Colliers series in 1952 and foretold what would be needed in the years to come when we really did make a journey around the moon.
    As outlined in the Colliers series, von Braun's plan to explore the planets began with the moon. It would start with a reconnaissance flight around the moon. 
In order to perform this mission, he designed a light single-purpose ship that would be assembled in orbit and flown around the moon.  This can be classified as the first true spaceship for use only outside the atmosphere of Earth. 
    The major difference between it and the Apollo system used decades later was that this ship would have to break to reenter an orbit around Earth instead of descending through the atmosphere and returning to the earth.  In many ways, it was more like the LEM than the Apollo, but with a far more comfortable living environment and operational range.
    As an early solution to the problem of exploration of the moon it is a unique and interesting ship. 
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A Precision Design Drawing of this Spaceship  -----------------------------------------
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