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Good Bye and Happy Landing
Thank you to all my customers over the years. Thank you to those who think Spaceships should look m...
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Website Closing
AdAstra Spaceport must close soon due to Technical problems and lack of capital to solve them. All p...
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Good Bye and Happy Landing
Thank you to all my customers over the years.
Thank you to those who think Spaceships should look more like arrows than Lego block, built up smash kits.
Wishing you happy Landings.
Capt. Rogers.

Website Closing
AdAstra Spaceport must close soon due to Technical problems and lack of capital to solve them. All problems are solvable but I'd need $3Kilobucks to solve this one, so unless someone out there is willing to make such a donation, I'd like to thank my many customers and fans and say goodby. Our email address will be up for a while, if you wish to contact me it's,

It has been a great 8 years serving all of you with an appreciation of the history of our Space Flight dreams. I wish we could have continued and expanded the way I'd originally envisioned, but it just wasn't there. So, with no further ado,

Wishing you a "Fair Thee Well" and,
Clear Space and Pleasant Planet landings!

Capt. J.C. Rogers
Proprietor, Ad Astra SpacePort

My apologies, we've been troubleshooting this for several days.
Please email your purchase requests to for personal attention and a work around until we can get the system working again.
I will notify all as soon as we correct the problem.
Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Capt. Rogers

All things...
The good news is I've been able to hang on for one more year. The sad news is that I do not know when I will be closing the front gates but it will be before the end of this year. So, If there are Spaceship drawings you wish to have, sooner is better than later.

I don't remember if it has been five or six years since I put up this spaceport website but it has now come time to thank all my customers for their interest in Classic Spaceships and blast off to new Space.

I wanted a website with no advertising, one strictly dedicated to the glories of Space Adventure that I knew in my youth, not to relive it, but to show what was down the road humanity has not traveled. I wanted it to be a launching pad for new dreams of a new frontier for humanity linked to the classic ones that so inspired my generation of Spacecraft Engineers and Astronauts. This has been my offering. It was less than I wanted, but all I could afford. I hope all the visitors liked it for what it was, a look at an alternate future.

If you wish to make comments, I am available at

Wishing you Clear Space and Happy Planetings,

Capt. Rogers

Saucer Fleet Sold Out
With the sale of my last Author signed copy, I recommend everyone who wishes to purchase a Design Drawing or Art work from my website consider doing so in the near future.

It is difficult to sustain a website with no Advertisement to irritate people coming in search of information. A news letter will be coming in the near future to all past customers of Rogers Rocketships outlining my future plans.

In the meantime, I thank all of you for your interest in classic Spaceships.


Christmas is Gone-New Year Arrives
Happy New Year
Just a note to let our customers know You can always contact us at
Best wishes for happy landings

Flash Gordon's RocketShip REV 2 Released
Just released A REV 2 Version of the drawing incorporating many updates and changes that were found since the one in the Spaceship Handbook was printed. New, behind the scenes photos surfaced showing many details that were not available before. This is why the ship looks completely different from the original and should now be considered the Standard. This a new drawing, consider the Rev 1 drawing obsolete.

NOTE: Although the thumbnail jpg is still the rev 1. You WILL get a Rev 2 drawing if ordering. I have no more Rev 1 drawings as it is obsolete.

ANNOUNCING 2 new drawings.
Yes, 2 New Spaceship Drawings in time for Christmas.

1) An all new drawing of Flash Gordon's Rocketship based on later, better inormation
2) "Spaceship 1" from Space Explorers and "Weltraumschiff 1 Startet" .


The Spaceport is Back Open!
I'm back from my vacation. We're ready and able to serve all spaceship captains and crewmembers in their orders.
Get your spaceship now!

wishing you all clear space and happy landings,

Capt. Rogers

All Buck Rogers sales are now closed
Per my agreement with the Dille Family Trust all items pertaining to Buck Rogers are now withdrawn and are no longer for sale.

Jon Rogers

Last day for Buck Rogers Portraits & Spaceships
Today, Saturday 9/14/13 is you Last Chance to order a Buck Rogers Portrait or any Buck Rogers Spaceships design drawings.
They will all be removed from sale tomorrow. Permanently.
Don't say you weren't warned.

2 Days left to get a timeless BUCK ROGERS portrait
Lowest sale prices! Last Chance to Score! Act Now!
No 1 and No 3 have 4 left. No 2 has 4 left.
ALSO All Buck Rogers Spaceships design drawings will be taken off the market.

3 Days Left for Buck Rogers Portraits!
Fire sale prices! Last Chance to Score! Act Now!
Prices will not be going much lower!
No 1 and No 3 have 5 left. No 2 has 4 left.

4 Days Left for Buck Rogers Portraits
Fire sale prices! Last Chance to Score! Act Now!
No 1 and No 3 have 6 left. No 2 has 5 left.

5 Days left to get a Buck Rogers Portrait!
New even Lower prices on Buck Rogers Portraits. All Buck Rogers unframed portraits now available at reduced prices. There are only 5 days left to own one of these rare, official portraits. Don't delay. Order yours now.

Saucer Fleet is Back in stock!
We are again taking orders for the Saucer Fleet! Immediate orders will be slightly delayed as shipments will begin right after Labor Day. Thank you for your patience. Jon

Buck Rogers Artwork 30 Day warning!
ALERT! The availability of my three official authorized Buck Rogers Portraits is closing soon! As an Official Buck Rogers Artist, I have only about 30 days left on my Contract to offer you these spectacular compositions. Don't delay or you'll miss out on a rare and valuable opportunity.
Order your Special Buck Rogers Portrait today!

Buck Rogers® is a registered trademark owned by the Dille Family Trust and used under license from the "Trust". Copyright © 2011 The Dille Family Trust. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Licensing Works! ®

Buck Rogers #3 - 1940s Released!
It is my pleasure to announce that --after many delays-- the third Buck Rogers Portrait is now available for purchase. Please check out Ad Astra Art store for more information.

Thank you for your patience,

Capt. Rogers OUT

FG Rocketship and Buck Rogers #3
I was asked to verify the authenticity of a model just offered on Ebay as being one of the original Flash Gordon Rocketship filming models.
Yes, I have seen that particular miniature for sale on Ebay.

Close examination of the photos of the miniature offered, seem to support the fact that it is one of the miniatures made for the Flash Gordon Serial. I don’t think it was used in ‘Just Imagine’ but cannot confirm that as of yet.

The difficulty is the poor quality of the remaining actual footage from the serial…which I have viewed many times. However, the construction methods, details (including ID stamps), and proportions support authenticity (but not the price!) I have noted that there are some detail and dimensional differences and am now re-examining my Design Drawing and research based on a comparison to this model.

I will announce a possible update to my design drawing.

ALSO, for you Buck Rogers Fans, my 3rd (and probable final) portrait of Buck will be available for view and sale within days. Look for it. It is Spectacular!

Capt. Rogers

NorWesCon and Buck Rogers #3
A very successful NorWesCon has come and gone. The final prototype of my third Buck Rogers Visual History Artwork was a great hit. By 1940, Buck has taken on a more modern look and the far out adventure strip was more involved with the events of WWII. Look for the final release here soon. As before, only a few copies will ever be available.

My other art sold well also. My originals of Orion III and Discovery 1 from 2001,Space Odyssey are now in private hands. Congratulations to the new owners. Although Ad Astra II sold well also I still have a few left, so order yours today before they are gone too.

I participated in several panels that talked about the future of Science fiction with noted SF authors and Space professionals. All together, it was a great convention!

RustyCon and Spaceship Handbook
2013 is a new era. The Spaceship Handbook is now out of print. I have sold my last Author signed copy. Thanks for your continuing support! I have enough of The Saucer Fleet to last this year and then it too will be gone.

I attended RustyCon 30 just a few weeks ago and contributed to many panels there. I also contributed my as well as Buck Rogers Artwork to the Art show. I was surprised to discover that I was the only Science Fiction Artist at the show, all others being Fantasy. If this is a trend, it is extremely disturbing. Are we Science Fiction and Space Travel enthusiasts a dying breed (?) or do we just not support Sci-Fi Artists? You can comment to me on the contact page, I'd like to know you're opinion. your thoughts may affect my plans.

For the near future, I will be completing the Buck Rogers Portrait series this year. This will be the only chance to own one of these historically important and exciting portraits of the first Spaceman to break into the big time.

I will report other news as it comes appropriate to do so.

Best wishes to all Spacers.
Capt. Rogers

One Spaceship Handbook few Saucer Fleets left
Attention! This is your Last chance to buy a new, author signed copy of the Spaceship Handbook. I one copy left and when its gone you will have missed out. Also I have just a few opies of "the Saucer Fleet" left.
These Rare, collectible books have been the cornerstone of information about all the real and imaginary spaceships of the 20th Century that were important to the history of spaceflight. The value of these books will increase greatly over time if the prices now being asked for used copies are any indication of it.
Don't wait. Order now!

Capt Rogers

Its that time of year again
Merry Christmas everybody!
If you're thinking of giving one of my Artworks,
Books or drawings for Christmas, nows the time to order!
Stocks are getting low and when they're gone they're gone.

Capt. Rogers

New Art Available Art Gallery
The Original Buck Rogers Portrait, licenced and authorized by the Dille Family trust is now up for sale in the Art Gallery. Both Buck Rogers No 1 and 2 Originals are available. There will only be bout a half dozen produced. This is a limited time and quantity offer.

Other changes to the art listed will be coming as I catch up with recent events.


Welcome back from Sci-Fi Conferences!
Our Norwescon and WesterCon 65 Convention appearances by Buck Rogers (in Art number one) and myself as expert panelist was a great success. However it took a lot of time and effort so it delayed my updating the website. BUT Keep the faith, I'll be cleaning up and improving the website soon.

If you have suggestions as to what you'd like to see here, contact us at

I'd like to hear from you!

Capt. Rogers

Alert! Westercon 65 Announcement
SEE YOU AT WESTERCON! July 6-8 when I and Buck Rogers - The Time Traveler will be there! So will "The first Super Hero" and several others of my artworks. Also I'll be on many panels so check your schedule.
NOTE: Yes, the website is out of date--especially with regards to Artwork descriptions. I've been too busy to update it but that will change after the convention.
Some people are going to be sad they waited to score an original Giclee art as I'm running out....also of Books!
See you at the Con... CLEAR SPACE! Jon

January 2012 News
As we enter the new year we are hard at work on the second Buck Rogers Visual Chronical artwork. Ironically, this is Number 1 in the series and shows the Original concept of the future space hero. Since I had Number 2 completed last year I was able to release it in time for the Christmas holiday. Look for Number 1 to be available later this month.

On other fronts we have several other projects that have been taking our time. I hope that I'll have some news on another Antique Spaceship that will be coming out soon. I've done the research and written the article but need to get it published so I can offer the Design drawing here on

As always, I'm looking for suggestions on ways to improve Ad Astra Spaceport. Your support is always welcome and needed in order to keep the gates to the spaceways open.

Wishing you clear space and happy landings in 2012
Capt. Rogers

The Buck Rogers Visual Chronicle-Artwork Set
Rogers Rocketships is proud to announce the authorized series of six unique, collectible, Giclée artworks that chronicle the visual history of the most important character in the history of Science Fiction and Space Travel, Buck Rogers! Each Artwork will be accompanied by a detailed art history text giving the background behind that period of Buck’s evolution and celebrate his triumphs.

In addition, each artwork in this series will be numbered and signed by me, priced reasonably (considering the work and research).

The Titles of the first two Artworks that will be available are:
No. 1 The 1920s Buck Rogers, –Time Traveler.
No. 2 The 1930s Buck Rogers, --The Original Superhero!

Don’ t miss this opportunity to own these unique Artworks celebrating Buck Rogers famous career. You can keep track of this project and find out more information, and get ready to pre-order your personal, numbered Art soon, by by visiting the AD ASTRA ART GALLERY !!

Buck Rogers® is a registered trademark owned by the Dille Family Trust and used under license from the "Trust". Copyright © 2011 The Dille Family Trust. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Licensing Works! ®

NorWesCon 34 Results--WE WON!!

Yes, it's true! Ad Astra won the most prestigeous award given for Sci-Fi art at NorWescon this year! The show was largely dedicated to Fantasy Art, of which there were many beautiful works. These works had their own catagories.

But AD ASTRA blew the audience away with its vision of both the history and future of Spaceflight and Space Adventure! See more about this important event, check out Ad Astra per Aspera artwork at the Ad Astra Art Gallery!

AD ASTRA PER ASPERA II, the revised, final edition of my famous PRIZE WINNING ARTWORK is available only at until the numbered and signed originals are gone---forever.

New Drawings Released
NOW AVAILABLE! NEW Rev2--The Disney Ferry Rocket, The Disney RM-1, Captain Video's Galaxy II and the COSMOSTRATOR

Visit Docking Bay 17, 20, 31 and 56 for all the information on these exciting new drawings

Spaceships in Hall of FAME!
Look in the Docking Bays for the Spaceship Hall of Fame and see what prize winning models have been made with Design drawings from RogersRocketships.

We now have entries for
Transcontinental Transport by Frank Henriquez
Spaceship Friede By Ryan Coleman
Thunderbird 3 By Chan Stevens
Project PLUTO [SLAM] By Mark Chrumka
with more coming.

NORTHWESTCON 4/9-12 Final Report
I apologize that it took me so long to get to writing this report on the convention. After my return I was swamped filling orders and taking care of other business. I'm just now getting back into the 'swing of things.'

I had a great time at Norwestcon 32 It was a pleasure to meet so many of you fans. Since this was only my second Convention, I was unsure of what I would encounter. As it happened, from Thursday until Sunday I was kept busy with all of the fans who either brought their books for signing or having never heard of either the Spaceship Handbook or the Saucer Fleet stopped by to learn about them and purchase a copy from me.

Also, My art got a lot of attention and admiration every day of the convention. Many people were amazed at the photorealistic detail I have created in Ad Astra and my other Art works. I was kept busy by dozens of people who stopped by daily to admire and ask questions. I discovered that it was unfortunate that I had signed up too late to display my art in the Artists Gallery as, judging from the response I got, it would have made quite an impression there!

All in all, it was a successful and profitable Convention showing. (Even if it did take me a couple days to catch up on my work after my return.) Yes, I will consider doing it again. I hope you had as much fun as I did and if all goes well, I may see you there again next year.

Clear Space!

Emerald City Comic Con Wrap Up
I was at the 7th Emerald City Comic Convention in Seattle Wash Apr 4 & 5. I answered so many questions that I got a little hoarse. The fans were great and I got lots of complements from people viewing my art. Since this was my first Convention experience on my own, I viewed it as a learning experience. And it was a great success. I met and visited with over 70 people who were amazed at the amount of work that Jack and I put into our books and I had put into my artwork. the other vendors complimented me on the number of people my little exhibit was able to attract.

One of the results of the Convention was in meeting Judd Lawson who was instrumental in my being able to secure a spot at the upcoming Norwestcon. This was a total surprise as I had already tried and failed as that convention (which is held only a week after ECCC --as its called) had been full for months.

I must also say that sharing a space with the fine fellows who put out the new movie, "Kung Fu Joe" was also a rewarding experience. This enterprising bunch of Avant Guard Movie makers showed me that the movie industry has overlooked a lot of talent and that Bellingham WA is becoming something of a center for new film releases! Way to go guys!

So after two long hard but rewarding days, I was happy that I had attended. I had met some new friends, learned a lot and had the opportunity to attend a SCi-Fi Con that I thougtht I wouldn't be able to.
So, Norwestcon, here we come!

Hope to see many of you Rocketship Captains there!