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Ad Astra Art Gallery:

These are the most precise, accurate recreations of historically important Space Heroes and their Spaceships on the planet Earth!

In my mission to preserve our Spaceflight heritage, I wanted to give you an authentic, firsthand look at the images that inspired their dreams. I also wanted to give you a sense of the feeling they had when they saw them for the first time.

In the future these artworks can serve as reference material for historians of the earliest Space heroes and their Spaceships. If the door of spaceflight truly does unlock a whole new era for humanity in the future, then these images will be there to show where we started.

Science Fiction was the predictor of the future. Each of these drawings have been thoroughly researched and painstakingly created to fulfill the double purpose of being both an enjoyable artwork but also to accurately document a historically important Science Fiction view of the Future.

Each of these unique artworks is of limited availability. People who own these Artworks should be proud knowing that they have already won prizes for their authenticity and Art. They may also find that they will become much more valuable as our future of spaceflight continues.

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Ad Astra per Aspera II
This prize-winning Giclée Art dramatizes mankind’s dream of breaking free of the planet Earth and flying out to the planets and stars. It features the most exciting, historically important Spaceships of the 20th Century. Limited Edition, Numbered and signed. (WINNER of BEST SCI-FI ART at NORWESCON 34) More

EvsTFS Saucers Attack US Capitol
This dramatic Giclée Art shows the Flying Saucers from “Earth vs the Flying Saucers” attacking the US Capitol Building - Art by Steve Johnson. More

Orion Ascending
This dramatic Giclée Artwork features the Orion III from the landmark movie, 2001, A Space Odyssey ascending from Earth to rendezvous on orbit with Space station V. More

Rocky Jones’ Orbit Jet-Silver Moon in Space
This dramatic Giclée Art features the Rocky Jones’ Orbit Jet - Silver Moon Spaceship as it flies through space on its way to another wild adventure. - Art by Steve Johnson. More

Aries 1-b Landing
This dramatic Giclée Artwork features the Aries 1-b the Moon shuttle from the landmark movie, 2001, A Space Odyssey. More

Commando Cody’s Space Battle
This dramatic Giclée Art shows the Commando Cody Spaceship fighting the Evil Leader’s spaceships as it dodges away from one of their deadly ray gun blasts - Art by Steve Johnson. More

This dramatic Giclée Artwork features the POD from the landmark movie, 2001, A Space Odyssey. More

Conquest of Space - Mars Spaceship Leaving Earth
This dramatic Giclée Art shows the Mars Spaceship as it launches away from Earth in the movie Conquest Of Space - Art by Steve Johnson. More